Loan Pricing

Hats: $20
Belts: $20
Bags: $35
Shoes: $30
Shorts $25
Pants: $30
Skirts: $30
Tops: $30
Dresses: $40
Jumpsuits: $40
Jackets: $40
Sets: $40
Jewellery: $40
Designer Bags $80
Designer Shoes $65
Designer Clothing $50
Designer Jewellery $65
Loans are approved based on communication with staff. We reserve the right to decline approval of loans based on consigners and loanee's.
All items taken on loan must be retrieved in-store the day before being used, and
returned no later than one day after use.
A credit card copy will be obtained whilst items are out on loan - without charge.
If damaged repair costs will be charged.
If product needs dry cleaning, dry cleaning costs will be charged.
If product is lost the full item price will be charged.