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  • Original Vintage Prints

    A selection of 15 John Fairchild original prints are now framed and available in-store.

    Picked up in Los Angeles on my last visit, i chose a variety of different images that i thought were all great stand alone images, and could be paired together to look as strong. 

    Some include Supreme, Kate Moss, Chanel Paris perfume bottles and Marylyn Monroe imagery. 

    All prints selected are ORIGINAL and not a reproduction. 

    They are an original work of art that the artist has cut or etched into a metal plate, drawn on a lithographic stone, cut into the flat surface of a block of wood or created in some similar technique to produce a master plate which is then printed onto paper by the appropriate method. 

    A few rare prints are amongst the group being one of maybe 20-30 in existence. 

    Pop in-store if you like the look of them and want to discuss the process in further detail or see the whole collection.



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