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    I wanted to share a few moments of my last buy trip to New York and Los Angeles with you.

    I use these trips to hand pick stock and replenish the store with exciting new pieces.

    Both New York and Los Angeles have become a comfort stop for me in finding amazing vintage. Visiting that perfect market, thrift store, wholesaler or vintage store that i feel i know so well now, and know holds our next exciting piece.

    As much as i love the recognisable, my favourite thing is to meet new likeminded vintage lovers and creating relationships that will be there for all my future visits.

    My focus this trip was to find beautiful fabrics and prints, interesting cuts, and stand out pieces along with great casual everyday dresses, kaftans and jackets for our upcoming winter. 

    I have definitely returned to Sydney with a lot of inspiration, a fresh perspective and some new direction for the store.

    Introducing some new homeware options in-store was an unexpected direction that i'm very excited to bring out and share with you all.

    I hope in seeing a bit of my journey you can visualise my process and the search that goes into all the individually hand picked pieces i keep in-store, and i hope you love what iv'e found!

    Looking forward to seeing you all in-store, browsing online, and to the next adventure.



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