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Antique and Flea Markets



My absolute favourite place to find a vintage treasure and one off gems is Antique and Flea markets. I was lucky enough to go on a buy trip to New York and Los Angeles to scour and source the best vintage I could find.

The trip is what led and inspired me to start The Sleeveless Society.

The vast array of Antique and Flea markets on offer in New York and LA are highly abundant and designed for serious lovers of vintage.

Visiting establishments such as Brooklyn Flea in New York, and Rose Bowl in LA was a real treat. Arriving at the Rose Bowl Flea for the 4am call time accompanied by dedicated collectors, vendors and shop owners doing their rounds along side me was a thrilling and eye opening experience. 

I strategically moved my way through the maze created by stalls, knowing it was going to be a long yet rewarding day.

What an eye opener, and so grand. A vintage collectors heaven, bursting at the seams with clothing, accessories and jewellery from all eras.

Washed boyfriend jeans, ripped and torn to perfection. Cowboy themed boots, whimsical camisoles and dresses, all 50’s, 60’s and 70’s stalls, and really everything and anything  else you could  possibly imagine or dream of.

The most exciting discoveries were those products representing modern shapes and styles in beautiful fabrics. Living for centuries in near perfect condition, so relevant and wearable today.

Of course traveling to different cities around the world to experience the array of markets on offer is ideal, in saying that we have some pretty great ones right here in Sydney, such as:


Rozelle Markets

Blacktown Markets

Bondi Markets

Trash and Treasures

Paddington Markets

Glebe Markets

Kirribilli Markets (who do a fashion focused market once a month)


Markets can be a weekend ritual and treat for some. For others the idea of searching and scouring around for one or two finds can be a daunting and exhausting thought.

That’s what we’re here for. To do the hard work for you! and we are more than happy to.




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